Fertility Tests

I received my x-ray results at my next appointment which was the following day. I was told that my Fallopian tubes were clear which was the good news. The bad news was I have a Bicornate Uterus, or a heart-shaped uterus. Luckily, mine isn’t severe enough to require surgery. It’s a partial divide.

When I heard this I had no idea what this was. My doctor was telling me that it was a partial division which does increase the risk of a miscarriage and this was one reason for why I had a smaller than average uterus. He also explained that with this malformation it was harder for an egg to attach to the uterine lining to begin with since there was a lack of nutritional blood flow in a part of the wall.

To be honest, I was a little numb at the information. It didn’t really hit me until later when I did some more research on my own. I was surprised to see that there were so many different types of malformations of the uterus. In a way I was lucky, because some women have a uterus that is divided in two which would require surgery. Plus, my husband has some very energetic sperm and they are plentiful according to the doctor which will help us in this fight of nature.

The next step for me was to start hormone drugs again. After having a shot to get my period, of course. We want to start with a fresh lining, don’t we? Why yes, yes we do. Bring on the shots in the buttocks!

After that I had to wait till my period started then call to make an appointment for 5 days after my period started. This was the day I was prescribed a drug called Sexovid. Apparently,  it is similar to Clomid but with less side effects. I had terrible side effects, if you read my previous post called History you will remember. I will only mention the migraines, because that will forever been ingrained in my memory of Clomid. Clomid= migraines, for me anyway. My husband tried to comfort me by saying that from what he read “most women get used to the medication and the side effects lessen as you take them.” Thanks, but that’s really not comforting! In this situation offering to do things that I normally do would be the most comforting, because then I wouldn’t have to worry about doing them later or the next day. 🙂 Thanks Hubby!

So, next step Sexovid for 5 days and then return in a week.


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