Sometimes We Fall…Hard

Most days I am able to continue with my PCOS friendly food habits pretty well, but some days…oh dear. Yesterday was one of those days. Although, work kept me distracted for most of the day, but after I got home no bad carbs were left in the house.

Many PCOS blogs and support groups recommend getting ride of all junk food and well… all things that will work against you basically. There is a very good reason for this. Mainly, when the cravings strike it is so hard to not reach for those heavily salted pita chips or those deep fried corn chips. Last night it was very hard to keep my hand away from that cupboard of snacks (my husband’s cupboard by the way). I knew they were there and they just kept calling my name. My brain even tricked my body into thinking it was hungry “How can I be hungry! I ate plenty at dinner! I’m not starving. I don’t need those salty pita chips that will make my throat hurt or give me a stomachache…” This was the battle raging in my head and my brain won. I dove into that bag of pita chips like it was going to save me from a sinking ship. The only good news was that there weren’t too many of those bad boys left. However, I did devour every last one of them.

Then my stomach started to hurt like I knew it would. Later on I started getting a headache. At that point I went to bed. It was a low point and I acknowledge that it happened, but I’m going to let it go now. I am stepping back on the bandwagon and starting again today. If I could have just one chip or just 5 even, then I wouldn’t need to have these conversations with myself, but I can’t. I tell myself “okay, you can stop now”, but they are just so good in that moment! I don’t know if there is a relation with the fertility shots I’m getting, but these cravings happen every now and again. No amount of crunchy carrot sticks or cucumbers are going to satisfy that craving like a good ol’ chip. Anyone have any ideas for making a snack that is practically a chip that is still PCOS friendly? If you have please share the recipe!

Until then, I will dust myself off (of pita chip crumbs and salt) and start my day fresh. With determination to protect my body and make my body the healthiest it can be. I will continue to plan what I will eat and cooking from scratch whenever possible. Luckily for me, I rather enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. I’ve even been known to tweak recipes to suit my needs. (Hello Lemon Impossible Pie made with coconut sugar, Stevia, Coconut flour, coconut oil, Ener G egg replacer and soymilk instead of white sugar, white flour, butter, eggs and milk ‘I know soymilk isn’t the best, but I have a dairy allergy and unsweetened coconut/nut milks are expensive and/or hard to come by in Nagoya’) Don’t worry I will be sharing this pie with at least 3 other people, so no worries of me eating most of it for the next week.

Now, I’m off to get ready for that party!



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