Well, it is almost the new year which means clinics will have a long holiday. This would be fine with me if it weren’t for the fact that I’m having to stop my cycle of treatments. If it was a normal month I would have had another fertility shot, but they would need to monitor my development in case of ovarian ruptures or torsion (twisting of ovaries with cysts). So, that means they are stopping this cycle at the critical point. At least I feel like it is a critical point.

If I’m lucky my body will naturally bring my follicles to the 20 mm needed to release an egg. I have at least 3 of them at 14mm. Isn’t that frustrating? So, close and yet so far. Now, all I can do is wait and see what happens. Maybe my body will mature the egg(s) and I might get pregnant. Or, I might ovulate and get my period. Then there is the most likely, I don’t ovulate and I don’t get my period. Which would mean I have to wait until the 5th of January (The day they open in the new year) and get a shot to induce my menstruation. After that I have to wait for my period to start then 5 days after that start the fertility shots all over again. I probably wouldn’t mind as much if they were in candy form, but they are not. The up side is I have less side effects with the shots than with Clomid.

Another frustrating thing is the BBT chart. They say you should TTC the day before you ovulate. How can you predict an ovulation? My BBT often has low and then high points. Which one is the ovulation exactly? Then I try waiting till it spikes, but then many people say it’s too late and then the stress just piles on.

I think it’s time for some fertility yoga. Have you tried it yet? It doesn’t take long and it does help to calm the mind. I will talk about some of my favorites in another post. Until then tell me about some of your frustrations. What frustrates you about TTC and/or PCOS?


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