The Insulin Resistance Diet Book

Well, I’ve been reading the Insulin Resistance Diet Book. If you have PCOS you are more than likely to have Insulin Resistance (IR). This book isn’t really a diet book. At least not the way you may think. It’s more of a way for managing insulin spikes on a daily basis. If we can manage our insulin spikes then our body won’t be releasing so much insulin that will cause our body to store fat.

According to what I have read so far it is important to keep a balance of protein and carbohydrates. Within a two hour time period there is a maximum of carbohydrates or protein that our body can use. If we take in more than that our body stores it as fat. Also, this excess causes more insulin to be made in our bodies that will make us store the energy as fat.

The book is helpful in that it does give a lot of information on how much of each food is considered a serving, to help you when preparing your meals. They also go into more depth about how carbs and proteins affect our body and insulin’s role in all of this. The main point was that we need to keep our insulin levels from spiking (the spike causes us to feel the lows strongly i.e. needing a sweet pick me up in the afternoons). By keeping our insulin levels relatively stable we won’t experience such intense cravings for sugar or need something to fight off fatigue in the afternoons.

The book also discusses the importance of fats in our meals. Of course, healthy fats are the best option, but they acknowledge that removing some of our favorite foods from our diet makes it more likely for us to fall off the band wagon and eat more than is best. So, they offer ways for incorporating some of your favorite foods i.e. desserts, fried foods, sandwiches, etc.

This book was well worth my money and I am looking at my food in a much healthier way. I don’t feel the need for restricting myself, just moderation. Plus, the reminder that I can always eat a little more later has been helpful in fighting those intense cravings. Don’t forget to load up on your veggies! There are no limits on those, because they naturally have protein and carbs linked and balanced according to the book.

I wasn’t paid to review this book. I found it on my own accord and thought it would be helpful for me and handling my PCOS after all, insulin resistance is a big part of it. If you want to check it out here is a link to read some sample pages on Amazon. The Insulin Resistance Diet I hope it helps you to find some freedom in eating out and making meals for yourself and your family. It certainly has given me more breathing room for food choices. 🙂



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