If you are new to PCOS you may not have heard of Inositol yet. There is a lot of information about it out there and it gets a little confusing, but I will try to just give the basics. I will post some links if you want more in-depth knowledge that I found helpful and was given to me by my support coach.

A few of the many Benefits

  • Restores normal ovulatory activity
  • increases fertilization rate
  • prevents Spina Bifida birth defect
  • lowers free testosterone
  • lowers total testosterone
  • lowers LH
  • lowers insulin response after meals
  • increases peak progesterone
  • improves egg quality
  • helps with weight loss related to insulin resistance

and so much more!

From what I have read there is no harm to pregnant women or the fetus as long as you don’t exceed 4 grams of Inositol a day. It does take a few weeks (maybe 3 weeks or so) for it to take affect on your system. Of course, it will vary person to person.

How to take it

The max is 4 grams a day. Split it into two doses. 2 grams in the morning and 2 grams in the evening.  2 grams is one flat teaspoon of powdered inositol. It can be taken on an empty stomach or with food. If you like you can mix it in water or in food. I try to add it to cold drinks, because I don’t know how heat would affect it. It doesn’t have any flavor at all, but some people have said that it has a slightly sweet taste. I’ve tried mixing it with just water and I couldn’t tell anything was in the water.

Where to buy

Inositol can be expensive if bought in pill form. I was recommended to buy it in powder form and I agree it is the most cost effective way to take it. I live in Nagoya and I couldn’t find it in stores or on Japanese websites. So, I turned to my friend Iherb (this is a link to their site that sends to Japan, but they have their US site here). You can order in dollars from them and still have them ship to Japan. Plus, if you order over $40.00 shipping is free and you get a discount on how much you spend! I will get into it more on another post.

Amazon is another site that you can buy Inositol on-line. I’m sure health food stores would sell them, too. Just make sure it is 100% Inositol and that it isn’t mixed with other ingredients, because that would weaken the effect and you would have to take more of the product, which would run the risk of either getting too much or not enough Inositol. I am using Healthy Origins 100% pure Inositol powder. I’ve heard that the Jarrows Formula Inositol powder is also a good choice.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. I will answer your questions as best as I can.

Here is the link to the more complicated research on Inositol.


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