30 follicles have been stimulated

Well, after my morning sickness side effects my doctor didn’t give me the fourth shot and when I went in for my next scheduled check-up my doctor saw that I had about 30 follicles that were about 12-15mm on my right ovary. He told me that another shot of hormone is too risky, because the chances of OHSS (Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome) was very likely to happen in this situation. Instead, he prescribed Sexovid again. Remember Sexovid is similar to Clomid, but a little weaker which means less chance of side effects. I took it for 5 days twice a day.

No major side effects although I do feel a lot of pinching around my right ovary and my breasts have a lot of pings and pangs going on throughout the day. I’ve felt the need for chocolate, so I made myself some. I went to the gym one day so far this week for cardio. The rest of my workout is from walking about 40-50 minutes to work in the morning or some basic weight training like push-ups, triceps, squats and stretching.

Currently, I have finished all of my meds and am waiting to see the doctor (tomorrow). Here’s hoping that one or two (or three or four) eggs are ready to be released! Then the doctor can give me a shot of something or other that will make my body release the egg(s). Cross your fingers for me!


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