Life Changes are Necessary

The past couple of days I have had to cancel 4 days worth of work. That’s not including last week or the month before. It seems with fertility treatments we have to make some sacrifices, particularly with our wallets. Not only does the cost start to snowball, but the amount of hours you can work dwindles. It could be because of trips to the doctor’s office or from side effects (nausea anyone?). I have 3 different part time jobs. All three are completely different and it helps to keep me occupied. But, this past week has made me realize that I will need to cut back on teaching English. I’ve had to cancel so many lessons with clients that I feel awful! They made time in their schedules to take a lesson with me and I cancel on them…repeatedly.

The good news is one of my jobs is working in my in-laws clinic where I do paper work. My mother-in-law has been kind enough to allow me to choose what day I want to work there. So, I will cut back on my teaching job (only Saturday afternoon for a few hours) and work a few days at the clinic. At least I’m doing paper work, so it won’t affect anyone if I need to come in later.

The challenge will be to work with the smaller income I will have. Yeah, I’m married, but there are things that I buy with the income I earned. For example, ingredients to make the “No-Knead bread” or the “Dark Chocolate nutella oatmeal cookies“, because I devour it all myself…I mean…yeah, I do. I eat it ALL. Hopefully, spread out over a few days though. There are many ingredients that are kind of expensive, but luckily I can at least buy them even if it is online! I usually order a large enough shipment where my shipping is free. But, I can’t live without bread or sweets! Some days they are just essential!

So, my husband and I will be tracking our spending over the month of March and calculate how much we earn, how much we spend, how much we save and what adjustments we can make. Did I mention that I’m still paying off my student loans? Those are the thorn(ssssss) in my side. I can’t seem to pay them off and some days I wonder why I went to college. I’m not even using the degree I earned. If anything I may have been better off going to a culinary school, I love cooking! It’s always easier to say “I should have~” right?

I’m sure we can find places to pinch for saving and places that are worth splurging a bit (food!). I know we can work it out. We have a nice place to live, good health care, great family, 2 pawsome cats, plenty of food to eat and (caffeine-free) tea to drink! Everything is great in our lives. But, if we could have a little more I would choose baby over money. So, we’ll try to do this as stress-free as possible and remind ourselves that we’ve got it gooooooddd!



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