Laparoscopic Surgery for Pregnancy Chance

A lot has happened since I last posted. Many of them had to do with travel. My husband and I went to New Zealand and Australia for about a week, which was beautiful! One of the best vacations we have ever taken! We hope to go back again to visit the South Island of New Zealand.

The topic today is about the Laparoscopic Surgery I will have in about 2 weeks. There have been great results for many women who have opted for this surgery. My ovaries are just not responding to the fertility medications, pill or shot forms. They barely reach 12 mm and I usually have a lovely pearl string on each ovary. My doctor suggested drilling which is where, through Laparoscopic Surgery, a laser is used to drill holes into the wall that has built up around the follicles. The idea is that the wall is preventing, or making it difficult for, the hormones to reach the follicles. By making holes, the hormones will reach the follicles and increase my chances of getting pregnant. Most women who go through this surgery usually get pregnant within the second or third cycle of fertility treatment. The effects of the surgery should last about 6 months to a year depending on the woman.

In Japan, I have to stay in the hospital for 5 days without any complications. Luckily, I have extra health insurance from Prudential, so they will cover my expenses! Otherwise, it may be too expensive for me to even think about since the regular health insurance doesn’t cover these types of surgeries or hospital stays. Any and all well wishes would be appreciated. I’m sure I will be in pain for about a day or two, but hopefully it will subside relatively quickly.

The harder part is getting the hospital to follow my diet plan for my Leaky Gut Syndrome that has come to haunt me with all of these fertility medications. I will leave this subject for another post though.

All the best to you and as always, feel free to contact me if you would like. Just send me an email or leave a message on this site 😉



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